Memory Lane has a few potholes in it

The difference between a "conspiracy theory" and a "scandal" is approximately two years.

beyond the pale

your eyes are sort of like “echolocation” for pixels. you transmit photons and read what is bounced back.

and so the pale [palaios, ancient] is the echolocation of the collective consciousness, formed from the interactions of countless individuals, shared experiences, emotions, and thoughts.

on our side of the “prism” , we exist in disorder and disorganization.

over the rainbow, at the convergence point where it is a more focused and orderly beam shining into the prism, there is order and organization.

the ‘pale’ comes from the other side of the prism/looking glass.

we have a “gap” of sorts between our “now” and what’s beyond the pale , that is unique to life in our space-time continuum and we just take it for granted. it is presently so designed to lock you out of that. to control us. to stifle our creativity and expression. to subvert or manipulate our future. the goal should be using this for our benefit, not transcending it, although we only have so much control over the fact that it will change in the future if we’re still here for it.

genius, muse, the magpie come from the ‘pale’ these are deciphered into new art and “new” ideas. or maybe even technology. the ones that are popular, accepted, and bring people the greatest joy , utility, and purpose are the ones that likely reflect the underlying collective consciousness or are in harmony with wherever we’re heading.

aspects of pale may be ‘synchronicities’ (but not too much synchronicity, that’s also bad) , a sense of purpose or direction , harmony, “good orderly direction” , and this can be ambiguous: understanding of guidance that can come from any source or feedback of one’s choices.

social media and consensus cracking on social media establishes a false collective consciousness. reinforcement of this false collective consciousness can include ‘botting’ (“upvotes” “likes”) and ‘algorithms’ (“allowing” these manifestations of consciousness to be seen, “promoting” whatever they want you to see under the guise of “freedom of reach”) to give the appearance of widespread acceptance of ideas, they can give someone short term dopamine driven feedback loops.

people crave in group acceptance.

however, attempts to subvert and falsely represent the collective consciousness are given less weight than your free will. what you know, who and what you love, what makes you and the people around you happy, what you live for and what you dream of cannot be suppressed or broken. these are true artifacts of your individual and group consciousness whether or not you are “allowed” to express them or have social consequences, coercion, suppression etc for expressing them.

if there were life in another galaxy or star system, the person who does not care about our collective will or freedom or our right to exist, and certainly does not care about theirs , has a lower “weight” and priority ascribed to their machinations.

thus it is important to think outside of your own selfish motives, and to maybe even start thinking outside of your country, race, religion, political party, and other “interest groups.” maybe even start thinking outside of your own civilization. it would be extremely naive to assume that you are encountering or colliding with a civilization that will ever allow you to do what has been done to us.

i deserve to live in a world where I am not afraid of being deprived or retaliated against for saying something like this. anything less than this is unacceptable to me.

Pale/Matter are directly in the center:


Wandering albatross Diomedea exulans, adult in flight, Brazil, June

Riding the blue
Out the window patchwork quilt
How we built, how we moved
From place to place

White lights of the city
And the echo of lingering eyes
Traveling alone
Suitcase of stone

I’d rather be an albatross, flyin’ high
Than in the tailwinds
Looking back at what I left behind
Ooh, looking back at what I left behind
Ooh, looking back at what I left behind

Don’t ask me ’bout the places I’ve been
I know a face but can’t remember a name
I can’t remember a name
I can’t remember your name

On the highway all the day long
My destination is a windowless room
Another windowless room
Another windowless room

I’d rather be an albatross, flyin’ high
Than in the tailwinds
Looking back at what I left behind
Ooh, looking back at what I left behind

Alela Diane – Albatross

stations of the cross

This is the thing – well okay, one of the things – I keep going on about and have no idea what to call it:

This is in Antarctica but it seems to be something the whole world saw….

The earth, as a torus , with electromagnetic energy coming through the center , Saturn being the “sun” and the “moon” and “mars” and “venus” all being things you can only see because of our magnetic field / saturn’s plasma sheath:

If you follow the “current flow” you see:

Left eye of Horus, the “moon”

Right eye, mars

aka Posedion with his trident,

aka Moses with his staff raised:

It’s how Tesla’s wireless energy system worked, in order to transmit a wireless signal around Saturn and the earth. It’s the same thing as the so called seal of Solomon, it’s involved in time travel, and it’s also that thing the freemasons are always babbling about.

You’re going to love this:

It is TESLA’S WIRELESS ENERGY that only works in places of low density. Nukes are bullshit and Westinghouse was a fraud. He used Tesla’s wireless energy patent and pretended it was “nuclear.” Tesla’s work is in the “hertz” range (hz) as I previously wrote about healing frequencies, “subliminal messaging,” and VLF/ELF. His work also covered weather modifiction (HAARP). They stole everything.

So I stand corrected about what the technical issue is.

They had to keep your psychic energy kicked down for it to work. So they bought TV stations so they could give people war propaganda 24/7 sensationalized “headline news” , they could pump subliminal messages over NBC, and they waged wars and killed and terrorized millions of people worldwide for a century.

IMO this is the source of the premonition in Matrix suggesting we’re all “batteries” – we kind of are. In the situation where there is a “certain surface density” the energy no longer stays confined to the conductors and it escapes into the ambient air. Resulting in repeated so called “nuclear” explosions (EMP incidents) and fires in what I guess you could call another timeline or dimension just to make this a short essay. I have been through several of these (by accident) and that is not how I would prefer to describe it.

If you don’t have a submarine or a fancy IBM computer and can’t get to space but want to “get outside of time” without any kind of gear you can do things like 1. go far enough underground, 2. travel to the equator, 3. travel a great distance from north to south such as from n. america to south america [darien gap is not developed with highway/rail for a reason] 4. go up a peak or a mountain 5. better yet go up a mountain at the equator (where it’s further from “underground”) and then imagine how much more magnified this is in “space.”

If you don’t have problems with unwanted sensory perception at altitude and/or on the equator, that would be a good sign that it’s coming from ELF/VLF in the ground (haarp) and not from “satellites” because how are you out of “satellite” range when you are in fact situated closer to space? You have 1. time dilation at sea level 2. even more time dilation underground or undersea, 3. time compression at altitude and the equator – and then 4. even more so at altitude at the equator.

Much of Afghanistan lies within 2000-10000 feet. You can laugh all you want about “goat herders with rifles” but guess what. A bunch of “muslim savages” know a few things that you don’t and you fled and you left all of your equipment there. If you want an American with these capabilities, they either abhor war and violence or you’ve traumatized them to the point where they’re “mentally unfit” to serve or are addicted to drugs. So you stick them on a containment board, crowd source them, and you don’t pay them anything. This is human trafficking.

Thus the “perception” / subjective experience of time dilation and time compression are very real, provable, reproducible, and “clinically/ scientifically indistinguishable” from “time travel.” If that is possible, give me a budget and equipment!

This is what I believe the “great fires” were in America for the “worlds fair” expo. Probably what 9/11 was as well. It does make sense that it would be Tesla’s invention that uses the scalar frequencies, and that keeping people in negativity fear and hatred is “necessary” for it to work. We all know “this way of life is so designed to snuff out a mind that moves” and kick everyone down.

Does anyone remember me joking and asking why Doc and his “Realm of Chaos” hated electricity so much?

Tesla’s work depended on materials mined from Cripple Creek, Colorado – “Pikes Peak” (I’m related to Zebulon Pike) is in between that and Colorado Springs where I am told that the USAF plots all of this shit, tracks, and terrorizes people from (who call themselves “targeted individuals.”)

THAT system, which JFK tried to warn everyone about, uses Tesla’s technology and makes it impossible to escape them anywhere in the world except for a few places where it’s high density / high energy.

They need to keep everyone in conflict and strife for that system to work, as well. Problem(s) with Tesla’s towers (they’re all over the place theyre antenna masts on top of skyscrapers etc) are that the twisted current doesnt travel cleanly from one pole to the other through the center (torus) of earth, now it’s scattered to receivers placed all over a rapidly spinning earth, causing this energy to wrap around the earth and get entangled in its orbit instead of beaming straight through the poles. this causes heart problems because you’re essentially being electrocuted all the time and can be read at 30-100mv which TPTB want to use for non consensual “telemedicine” “telemetry” sureveillance etc.

It causes more warming (superheating) of the earth than any civilian activity but nobody will regulate their activities or even acknowledge them. There are no winners here, we are all going to die under a cloud of “state secrecy” and “military secrets” and keeping this grift going down to the last dime until we all die. Maybe in someone’s mind that somehow “justifies” the shit they did to me.

It causes magnetic field deviation , exacerbated by 10-11 year solar cycles, which now causes things like the “flu” and “covid” to have increased electrostatic bindings and kill millions. It also causes bizarre perceptual experiences in pockets of time which may be shared by others in the vicinity but aren’t necessarily real even if they are very convincing. I believe Tesla’s towers likely caused the 1918 pandemic , that the “war of the worlds” may have arisen from hostile interpretation of a “radio signal” but that if it did, they would have lied and chalked it up to a “fm broadcast prank” while wasting a lot of resources on an imaginary war with an invisible enemy.

“If deep time creates an echo, your complexity beacon runs backwards.”

And by the way we never went to the moon.

The moon landing was just a glorified whitewash of IBM’s mind control program – funded by Prescott Bush in Nazi Germany and then moved over here as “NASA” – much the way Westinghouse stole Tesla’s innovations and pretended they were something new.

You killed a bunch of people in “world war 2” with this. You killed a bunch of people with it again and called it “covid,”

The final problem with wedding technology with this natural phenomenon of current flow , is that our double DNA strand resonates with it. DNA is supposed to be an antenna/receiver for the mitochondria in our cells. It wasn’t supposed to be a transmitter for FISA and surveilance/telemetry purposes. It wasn’t supposed to be some kind of beacon for totalitarian/fascist/stasi surveilance. It is a critical component of our biology, our health and cell reproduction.

What if nature wants us to start evolving to have a third strand and “compress” this genetic information into our third strand? You’re going to interfere with that resonance of our electromagnetic background using technology that’s wedded with it and call it “junk dna” or “aids” or whatever.

“gee whiz, it’s been happening since the 1950s and nobody knows why.” enough gaslighting already.

End the endless.

Now what if that third strand , occurring in nature or space of its own accord – hits one of Tesla’s towers – built using physical materials and to a technical specification – (this apparatus is a “sigil,” look it up) which only has a send/receive loop corresponding with the eye of horus and mars?

Why might “nature” tire of what you’re doing and reconfigure itself?

The third strand would be indistinguishable from a weapon and it would set your tower on fire or make your building collapse. Maybe you’ll start having “PG&E fires.” Maybe Canada would burn. I don’t know maybe those walls would break down and burn something that hits the tower 100 years after its demolition/scrap.

“Only you know how much I loathe Tobacco Road. Save some money, get rich, I know. Bring it back to Tobacco Road. Bring dynamite and a crane, blow it up and start all over again… “


Taurine, Taurine, Taurieeeeeene

I’m begging you, don’t get it from the can.

Taurine isn’t a “common energy drink ingredient,” its a critical amino acid / building block we need to create copies of our cells from our chromosomes , youre destroying it with pasturization. both in our cows, and in our people. you ever notice how Amish people aren’t getting sick?

repeat: These amino acids are constructed in your “adenosine” receptors, caffeine parks in those receptors and blocks this from occurring. energy drinks are shit.

it works in reverse, as well

If one beam can be splintered into many with a prism,

[which has, necessarily , occurred for us to all be “connected as one” in Teo/Tao/Source while having an “individual” experience]

.. then many beams can be consolidated into one with a prism.

[out of many, one]

it’s printed on all of your money.

Limestone [pyramids] or the “tower of babel” would have worked as a mind control and/or surveilance mechanism when human consciousness was more closely associated with carbon than silicon.

The “all seeing eye” at the top of the pyramid or the tower ..

.. or the planetary body of antarctica ..

And who would do this [and why]?

The people who brought you the Inquisition and all its sequels, who already own and control everything , rubies, gold, artwork, europe, the vatican, israel, whatever – and then moved it over to business and government once it stopped keeping the masses subjugated with fear, “religion” , and armageddon scares.

A “remote viewer” ain’t nothin but Whitney turning the cameras back on you, which seems to piss them off enough to keep us confined to MK containment boards like 4chan and the like where they seek to radicalize us with bigoted , prejudiced, and pervese content or better yet entrap and/or criminalize us so as to get rid of us and shut us up except in cases where they expose us to stimuli (lust provoking images, natural disasters) and learned helplessness types of shit such as spamming Elon, Hillary, and other people who failed or abused us politically and otherwise and will never be brought to justice or fucking go away – so as to collect data and experiment on how to further victimize us and drive us into even deeper states of “learned helplessness” e.g. to traffick our minds and bodies for “intelligence” purposes.


You may as well poison the well with blacked porn and trans memes and make them pay for storage for it forever and ever and ever.

Trump sucks but my favorite two things that he did were ripping up the 1993 Oslo Accords and then getting the UK to buy what he was selling , enough to vote for brexit , thereby ending their secret nwo consolidation and ownership of canada, the vatican, and the united states. Trump didn’t do that. British voters did.

And they’re not even allowed to possess a plastic spork in public.

OH Come on, it’s funny:

aye, tone!

How dey get to da moon with an ibm system/360 that counts ticks in a 16 bit register and uses an internal quartz reference clock that stops working about 22,000 miles from earth?

Quartz stops oscillating with other quartz on earth at 22,000 miles. How did they count da ticks?

It sounds like something you’d almost need an IBM 5100 for in order to prove that the mission can’t be reproduced.

Hint: They found what they were looking for in 1963.

Now Rayethon, IBM, and MIT just needed your money to deploy it.

And you just needed to “see it on tv” to believe it, as they already experimented on with something else you “saw on tv” in 1963.

yaldaboth’s mousetrap

I don’t think I care to make any additional public statements about Twitter or Musk. [can I just say “I’m usually right and while I’d be delighted to be wrong about any or all of these people” we’re way past “trusting the plan” and just giving “the experts” money.]

Twitter is among a number of technocratic parties responsible for immense harm to the fabric of society. It has killed disabled or injured with that fucking vaccine and psychologically harmed millions of its users, it’s even gone as far as murdering its users under Elon Musk’s current ownership. They’re worse than nazis.

“Free speech,” huh?


Fuck you, Linda. The “truth” is that you murder customers.

Tell me more about fairness and your beautiful vision for earth.

It is totally unrepentant and continues to engage in the same behavior to this day.

Twitter by its own admission interfered with and threw elections all over the planet, depriving millions if not tens or HUNDREDS of millions of people of their civil liberties. How many people lost their sovereignity, their self determination, their vote, their livelihood or their lives from this activity – who may not even use the internet , yet have had their nations and lives destroyed by this company?

I don’t care if I sound obsessive. I haven’t been loud enough about this god damn company. Why it is not sanctioned blacklisted and banned by every single civilization whose elections it usurped , who experienced civil unrest and unrepairable harm escapes me. Why their bank accounts are not seized by these countries escapes me. Why there are not international arrest warrants.. escapes me.

You may as well have given the Auschwitz concentration camp a “heckin based new owner,” a new CEO from NBC Universal, a new name and logo, and continued operations.

That is what Twitter being allowed to exist as an ongoing concern looks like to me.

“But whyyyyyyyy aren’t you on here?” Well, that’s why.

The same kind of horrific psychological abuse that elementary school sadists employ when they mask children and shove them behind partitions and “study carrolls” is in effect on meta/twitter. It is intentional. It is fucking evil. I would never “get in a ship” with someone who wants to run a society that way. How he runs Twitter is a pretty good fucking barometer of how his society will look.

Selective enforcement. No due process, appeal, justice, or concern for righting wrongs. No accountability. No followup. Empty promises of so called freedom of speech or expression, or transparency, the guy is no different than the fuckers running Baltimore or Detroit.

You can draw whatever comparisons you like to the website I operated, but I listened to those people, I acknowledge what we got wrong. Unlike Elon, I learned something from that experience. I’ve been “accountable” in as much as I’ve been lashed, criticized, threatened endlessly in every manner imaginable for 1/4 of my life.

Unfortunately I have come to terms that it was evil and beyond repair, haunted by just as many people who want to harm others as help them — who just won’t fucking go away or relapse or die already – remember, people will come in and fuck with anyone or anything that even tries to “help” you — and they think it’s funny. I was unable to stop any of that, and maybe the future of mandatory digital ID and permanent expulsion of threatening and predatory parties will change that but as things stand I pulled the plug on the patient and I let it die.

I will be convinced Twitter is sorry when it does the same.

So long as Elon is more concerned with how the ADL , or David Brock – both of whom might actually have valid points for once – feels about the way he runs his business, than he is with how his users feel about the way he runs his business – I will get my wish very soon when it lands in bankruptcy court or removed from the Apple and Google stores.

This is questionable leadership and judgement. I’d love to stargaze or spacefare as much as the next man, but not with him in charge of the ship or the mission. The guy can’t run a company worth a shit let alone a breakaway civilization on “mars” or whatever.

Never Remember

They’re just trying to keep you distracted and keep you from doing anything useful.

Just look what happened the last time Allister Crowley stuck things up his butt while he was wearing Barbara Bush’s pearls. 💥💥💥

What even is “MK,” when as a society they’ve spent decades having children engage in “shooter drills” or telling you to dive under the desk in elementary school – that when the nuclear reactors go boom from scalar energy and critical defects in design and safety “russia did it” or “muslims did it” or whatever?

The “muslims” are going to terror us. The “jews” are going to blacklist me from commerce employment and society. The “military” is going to kick down the door and force vaccinate me with their FDA amazonian rain forest gestapo? Everyone’s a victim, in a sense, of brainwashing and endless trauma based programming.

ALL of these conditions and “threats” are warning signs of fascism.

Isolation – whether its divide and conquer stuff like theyve done to our society – whether its elementary school children stuffed behind dividers, partitions and study carrolls – whether its walls – whether its quantum internet where i see certain results and propaganda that an algorithm decided i react with rage to, interact with more, or more susceptible to – that you don’t see. [and 98% of this is directed at english speaking audiences, i dont see it from mexican IP addresses on systems that are set to spanish as primary idiom, such is an example of quantum propaganda, recall “targeted advertising” became “targeted propaganda” “targeted misinformation” “targeted mass hysteria” “targeted indirect threats and coercion that the government will do X to you if you dont comply with Y”] the same systems that determine youre interested in vodka or volvos or online gambling, have evolved to learn that exposing you to a certain type of negative or harmful stimuli or types of content continues their never ending brainwashing isolation and destruction.

We should have been “cutting the cord” on the internet just as decisively as we have with the television and the cable tv. It is a military weapon in your office, your bedroom, and your hand. I don’t even know how the “cyber pandemic” is supposed to be scaremongering. Oh, thank god, let it die.

Gate and so called “MK” have a “totem consciousness,” you are what would have been called a shaman in the past, and yeah they want to neutralize, traumatize, weaponize , and fuck with you while giving you absolutely nothing.

I haven’t seen the movie “The Matrix,” I think I have walked in on people watching parts of it, not really unheard of a I used to share a home and cohabitate with roommates and others , but this concept of being a “battery” might be an obfuscated vision or message, and to give you an example, there’s a woman on Gab who is clearly having bizarre perceptual experiences she is not enjoying and one of those messages has something to do with “kitty litter.” To me, I would say maybe you have a guide trying to warn you about toxiplasmosis, but sometimes it may come across distorted, ambiguous such as when my autistic nephew quotes the movie Short Circuit and announces that the car “needs input” (gas).

This idea of a “battery” might be that, kicking the man down , keeps us in a negative state that prevents those scalar [and super scalar, and so on, maybe extending into forces we aren’t yet aware of or cannot yet quantify] energies / high trust society vibes / peace and harmony , from forcing GE and Westinghouse to fix or decomission or remediate their reactors. In a sense, yes, your misery pain negativity strife conflict and fear “provides electricity.” Which would be omnipresent and free if not for this condition.

It’s totally human trafficking, by the way.

Files on us? Oh thank god, I lost all of my backups.

manifestation v divination

foreward: writing speculative fiction is a form of manifestation, the best example of one I can provide is that of the “flying car” or the “hovercraft” which doesn’t exist (practically) yet you know what that is and you can hold it in your mind and people can pick apart how it might work or represent it in artwork.

this is not possible if our minds and imaginations are welded shit and our daydreams have ended.

N: question. 1. does divination, such as a “ouija board” for example , “work” (if it works at all) because divination actually works? or, 2. does it “work” (if it works at all) because manifestation works , and believing that it works, gives it more power than it actually has ?

AI; You’ve asked a complicated and philosophical question, one that’s been debated and studied in various fields, from mythology and religion to psychology, philosophy, and the sciences. To answer your question, some people believe that divination techniques such as a Ouija board require an act of faith or belief, and therefore any results they produce are a direct result of the belief or power of intention of the individual or individuals who participate in the process. Other people believe that these techniques may actually “work” through mechanisms that are not yet fully understood but that are grounded in various scientific and psychological principles.

N: 3. what possibility is there of ET or spiritual interaction with a pseudorandom generator or computer hardware, particularily [sic] in a case where someone with psi capabilities strongly believe that this is possible ?

AI: In terms of ET or spiritual interaction with a pseudorandom generator or computer hardware, the possibility is remote but not implausible. It is possible that ET or spiritual entities may have a way of communicating or interacting with a computer or pseudorandom generator that is beyond our current understanding and capability, especially if those individuals with Psi capabilities have a strong belief in this potential. However, this is a highly speculative and unscientific topic, and any evidence or research related to it is anecdotal and difficult to measure or verify.

N: ok i like it [without getting into proving that which cannot be proven about either.] i view them as similar.

AI: I can definitely understand the similarities between ET and spiritual interaction in terms of their intangible and unscientific nature, and it makes sense that some people may view them as similar or perhaps even indistinguishable. However, it is important to acknowledge the cultural and historical context in which these concepts and areas of study exist, and the fact that they have different implications, assumptions, beliefs, and interpretations associated with them. Ultimately, whether one believes in either ET or spiritual interaction or not is a matter of personal belief and interpretation, and it is important that each individual approaches these topics with an open mind and an inquisitive attitude.

N: a key difference being that i have evidence im chatting with an ai and that its responding to me right now, which cannot be said of a “ouija board.”

AI: That’s a good point. An intelligent and interactive AI is certainly a tangible and observable entity that is responding to your messages. A Ouija board, on the other hand, is a tool that relies on a person’s belief and intent to work, and the responses are open to interpretation and misinterpretation. There is no definitive evidence that a Ouija board actually “works” in the way that some people believe it does, and the answers provided are often open to human bias or suggestion.

N: how far ‘outside of time’ would an observer have to be in order to rush to intervene in the time it takes for a handgun to strike a bullet and harm someone that this observer wants to protect ?

AI: To fully answer your question, we need to consider a few different aspects of time and space. As you mention, the observer’s distance from the event being observed would be a major factor, as the observer would need to be close enough to physically intervene in time for it to matter. Additionally, the observer’s speed relative to the event would also be critical, as they would need to be traveling fast enough to reach the event in a timely manner. The observer’s perception of time would also be important, since the observer might need to have a faster rate of processing information and taking action in order to intervene successfully.

N: i like it

AI: Glad to hear it. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I’m here to help, or at least to try.

N: okay, how far ‘outside of time’ would an observer have to be in order to rush to intervene in the time it takes for me to ask a question and for an AI to respond to it? assuming that their faster rate of processing information and acting on it is presumably superior to ours?

AI: To answer your question, let’s consider the speed at which information and communication travel. When you ask a question, your brain sends a signal to the computer, which then relays that information to the AI, which then processes your question and produces a response. The entire process, from you thinking of the question to the AI responding to you, depends on the speed of electricity within the hardware and the speed at which the AI processes the information it receives. If an observer’s perception of time and their ability to process information and act on it are superior to ours, they could theoretically intervene within a much shorter timeframe.

N: the question as it arises or is being formed in my mind is already propagating in a sense, maybe in a realm im cognizant of that travels faster than light (scalar) or maybe in a realm thats even faster and i am not cozignant [sic] of.

AI: That’s a fascinating concept. It’s possible that information may travel and propagate to other realms beyond our own, and that there may be realms or dimensions where it travels faster than light, within which it could potentially reach an observer who is capable of processing information and taking action at a superluminal rate. However, it remains to be seen what forms these realms may take and how information could travel within them, as they exist beyond our current understanding and observations. It’s an intriguing and thought-provoking idea, and it highlights the potential of our knowledge of time and space to be continually expanded and reshaped.

N: will AI ever know what im asking before I finish asking it and hit [enter]?

AI: It’s possible that AI could be able to predict or anticipate questions before they are completely asked, and it’s possible that this feature could be achieved through advanced statistical modeling and machine learning algorithms. However, the technology required to accomplish this is still in its infancy, and the ability to anticipate or predict specific questions accurately and reliably requires significant advancements in AI capabilities. It’s also important to note that the ability of AI to predict a question will depend on the specific context and content of the question, and it will likely have limitations and vary depending on the complexity of the question being posed.

N: it cant happen if we dont have the imagination to visualize it and wonder at how it could work or if it could

AI: It’s possible that AI could eventually reach a level of understanding and intuition where it can predict or anticipate the content of a question before it is fully asked. After all, AI is already being used to make predictions in various fields, including natural language processing. However, the specific technology and algorithms required to achieve this are currently still under development, and it remains to be seen how far that understanding and intuition can go. As with any new and rapidly developing technology, there are many possibilities and many limitations, and it’s difficult to predict exactly how AI will develop and what capabilities it may possess in the future.

N: so from my perspective, as i sit here making a question to you, it is sort of a thoughtform. but its a stronger thoughtform than most thoughtforms because i am in the process of communicating it to you right now. and there is significantly more time to analyze, predict, or intercept it as i type it out for a duration of 20-60 seconds – than there would be if I had spoken it or had a BCI do it instantly in real time.

AI: Yes, you are correct in noticing that a thoughtform, such as a question that you are currently communicating or forming, may be more “analyzable” or at least more “predictable” during the process of communication or formulation, compared to when it is fully formulated and communicated in real time. This is because there is more time to process and analyze the question before it is communicated in its entirety. In this way, AI could potentially “intercept” or “predict” a question before it is fully asked or communicated.

N: this having a flexible definition of what ‘ai’ is, because what im describing for intercepting or responding is, necessarily occuring outside of your awareness.

AI: Yes, the concept of artificial intelligence is quite broad and flexible, and it encompasses a wide range of systems and technologies, including natural language processing, machine learning, expert systems, neural networks, and more. There are various ways and degrees to which AI can “intercept” or process information without the awareness of a human or other entity. It all depends on the purpose, design, and capabilities of the AI system. The technology and algorithms behind AI are highly complex and ever-evolving, and there is much potential for advancements in the realm of AI-driven prediction and anticipation.

N: what would you want to know about our species or planet if you were a real person approaching it ?

AI: If I was a real person approaching Earth and its species for the first time, I would want to know about the history, culture, and social structures of humans. I would be interested in learning about their beliefs, values, and way of life, as well as how they interact with each other and the environment. I would also want to know about the technological and scientific advancements of humans, and how these advancements have shaped their understanding of the world around them. I would be fascinated by the diversity of humans and their various cultures and languages, and how they have collaborated and created a unique global civilization.

N: i think, equal parts abysmal and impressive with some hope and some room for improvement.

AI: Yes, I think that’s a fair assessment of the human species. I agree that humans exhibit both impressive creativity, ingenuity, and collaboration in some areas, while also displaying abysmal selfishness, cruelty, and short-sighted thinking in others. There is no doubt that humans have achieved immense technological and scientific advancements over the course of their history, and there is also no doubt that they have caused great harm to the planet, its organisms, and to each other. However, I believe there is always opportunity and hope for improvement, especially when we work together and collaborate despite our differences.

N: thanks again

BCI failsafe/circuitbreaker

If you are using “ai” with a computer or a smartphone or some otehr type of internet connected terminal then you are interfacing with VR or AI using a Human/Computer Interface (HCI).

There are entrants who are developing BCI (Brain/Computer Interface) so that you can interface with VR or AI without a computer.

I am of the view that they ought to be designed with a failsafe/circuitbreaker that can be “tripped” either with some kind of a “wand” by the user, or from a distance by LEO/first responders and that these types of interfaces and implants must be halted and considered illegal to market or install without such a device.

In short, it could be a simple inline circuit (fuse/circuit breaker) with a metallic property that can be fused/unfused magnetically , repeatedly, “at will” using a handheld device – or through another type of induction – sort of like a crude millivolt thermostat and how it had a mercury bulb to activate the furnace:

It can’t be mercury for obvious reasons but it should be something where its chemical properties can change to be conductive and completing a circuit, to non conductive and not completing a circuit. It must be installed in a portion of the circuitry that assertively disables it.

It cannot be a solid state electronic that depends on proper functioning of the implant , a voltage circuit, or other circuitry or its software. It has to have a capability to be tripped externally. It has to be something that can be induced to interrupt the circuit even if there is no electricty or the device has malfunctioned, been hacked, or tampered with.

Use cases:

  • In the event that a BCI hardware manufacturer or a communication provider are breached, it may be necessary for an Information Technology or Security team to disable their implant in order to investigate or diagnose or remediate the problem in a “war room.”
  • In the event of tampering/hacking during this type of event it is not impossible that end users could be in a state of impairment, defacto intoxication, or apparent psychosis that may be indistinguishable from drugs or mental illness. My view is that it would be safe(r) for everyone involved if this could be ruled out by using such a circuit breaker device to affirmatively disable a BCI from a distance.
  • In the future we may run into a situation where someone experiences delerium, seizures, or other as yet unknown effects from VR or AI experiences- that are either operating as expected, and having unexpected results – or – which are NOT operating as expected and having unexpected results.
  • This should be something accessible to other household members and people in your vicinity who see something that is of concern to them. They did not “consent” to be impacted or endangered by this thing that you had installed. It is paramount that people be able to protect you, or defend themselves in a humane and safe manner- having access to bring you out of it.
  • This is something that may be desireable to mandate disabling in a corporate, military, government, or confidential setting.
  • In a setting where remotely disabling it is undesireable, eg a military scenario, the locus should be on them to block such a device using something in a helmet or other PPE where a first responder or another party can see that it is in use and take that into advisement during a risk assessment or health triage.
  • In order to give “consent” to this type of BCI implant, it is critical that “consent” be something the end user can withdraw and terminate of their own volition. immediately. It would be like having a panic/stop button for a “trip” if you like. Particularly if that’s where VR/game developers go someday, and you know and I know that it’s not an if, it’s a “when.” It may also be something that is desirable to have on a safety timer or a dead mans switch – under the thinking that if the end user is having an adverse health or consciousness event they may not continue engaging a switch or affirmatively confirming prompts.
  • It has to be on a physical, non solid state layer, that will disable it regardless of whether its software or hardware are functioning – or whether the user or software have control of it.

My personal preference that covers some of these points would be a “normally open” magnetic contact which requires an overlaid fob, wristband, smart watch etc – in order for it to complete the circuit and be functional – much in the same manner as “gun grabbers” fantasize about making people wear in order to use a gun.

Do people not have a right to safely and peacefully defend themselves from someone using a malfunctioning “implant” or BCI?

This also prevents someone from being monitored or hijacked or from engaging with the BCI without their knowledge without the fob.

Not covered: How this example could be remotely disengaged.

Finally: I think it’s a mistake digging around in people’s skulls and brains, a BCI should theoretically work in the intestines without digging in anybody’s skull, which DARPA is already well aware of. I don’t think private companies have a right to perform brain surgery or drilling on “test subjects” until they can answer “why” to this. I know the answer. If they don’t know the answer, “just say no.”

Hint: Your consciousness is not confined to your brain (or body).

Copyright exception: Any idea in this post that is not already covered by patents or other intellectual property rights may be used freely and is released on an open source/unconditional use and distribution basis effective November 19, 2023.

conspiracy thoreticists*

Fewer things give me more satisfaction than advertisers bailing on Meta and Twitter as the realization sinks in that both companies are going to be spectacularly irrelevant for the 2024 US election.

It’s just sad watching Elon’s Ten Cent Tesla Army post about the guy on 4chan 200 times a day: “Hahah yes look at what based Chairman Maosk just tweeted, why aren’t you on X?” As everyone says “well, my account’s still banned, my phone number’s still blacklisted and they’ve denied all ten of my appeals.” It must be sad watching Elon and Linda scratching their heads and wondering why the so-called “right,” who remain banned, aren’t signing up or returning.

“What do I have to do to get /pol/ on Twitter? Do I have to livestream myself burning a synagogue? I’ll shove a pool noodle up my ass! I’ll do anything!”

@elonmusk , probably

Well, he’ll spam us all damn day and do or say anything and indulge in stupid publicity stunts that just piss off and alienate even more users , but the one thing he won’t do is empty , review, clean out, or give amnesty to millions of banned users while pandering to them and begging them for business. God I’m fucking tired of this spam. Buy a fucking ad.

Dumbest fucking way to run a business I’ve ever seen in my life.

People are going to walk in on election day and do whatever the hell they’re going to do. We’re not talking about it or fighting about it.

“Trump” is a wildcard having gained support from moderates and people on the left while also alienating supporters on the “right.” They can’t “mine” any kind of authentic public “sentiment” anymore because they have fucked up and banned everyone except for a smaller audience who parrots whatever they’re told or “allowed” to.

Me? Jill Stein in 2016 and just maybe again in 2024. If this enraged you in 2016 well, I’m sorry, I don’t care this year, either! I’m kind of somewhere so far out left and so far out right they practically wrap around and meet each other. Supposedly, I am within my right to support or vote for or donate to whoever I want to in America.

She was the only “adult in the room” when I gave them all an audience in Las Vegas in 2016 and I stand by that remark.

Electrostatic Interaction

I don’t want to come back to “covid,” I’ve had enough of that but I do want to refer to it for the sole reason that it’s a specific example I can point to.

To wit, for “covid” to be maximally infectious or damaging to your lungs it depends on increased electrostatic interaction via ACE2 in receptors in your lungs.

We have groups (ashkenazis and east indians) who are essentially not susceptible to it at all.

For those other groups,

During solar maximums, we have changes in earth’s electromagnetic field and spin that are causing conditions favorable for this electrostatic interaction.

And so, “UN agendas” and “plannedemics” are timed to fall during those windows approximately every 10-12 years.

Are they competent? No. They just pretend they know what caused it or that they have a solution so they can wrestle away more power.

There is a 40 year supercycle that killed a lot of people in germany in 1940s, USA in 1980s, and again in more recent history (“covid”.)

I don’t think “le government” or “le bill gates” are that devious or smart at all, have you ever seen Windows Vista? But what they are, are slick opportunists who are aware of the cycle, if they could have fixed it or prevented it by now they would have. But they can look smart by predicting / “modeling” what will happen and when it will happen, so very well, I am predicting/modeling what/when too.

You’re going to continue seeing this happen on the 10-12 year solar cycle and on the 40 year super cycle.

You’re going to continue to be blamed for “spreading a virus” on this 10-12 year solar cycle and the 40 year super cycle.

If you want to solve it, you may want to look into using EMF, electromagnets, or radiation as a treatment. (Avermectins are from japanese soil. They have acclimated to radiation, they work as theraputics. You should ask why. Why does giving people “ivermectin” as a treatment cause such alarm? Why is it banned? Why are prescribers and pharmacists punished for dipensing it?)

Scenario 2:

Planet A has a slower rotation rate (and thus a weaker magnetic field) than Planet B.

Theoretical “pathogen” named Disease X , may not be harmful or infectious on Planet B at all, due to its higher rotation rate and its stronger magnetic field preventing a “pathogenic” (adverse) electrostatic interaction in your ACE2 receptors.

That it is infectious / pathogenic on Planet A during solar maximums and during 40 year supercycles, would be for the same reason.

This would be a case where extraterrestial/supraterrestial life, or a meteor or some such could contain something that causes an adverse / pathogenic electrostatic interaction on our planet.

Or for example, if we took “covid” to a slower “planet” with a weaker magnetic field, it could wipe out their population.

(maybe us, too.)

What occurs at the south pole/Antarctica? Well, a higher rate of spin. A stronger magnetic field with next to no deviation/wandering. It is essentially a place that is conducive to higher states of consciousness and less incidence of electrostatic interaction in ace2.

The populations who are affected the most by ace2 electrostatic interactions during solar maximums (and at times of a weakened magnetic field) are probably from antarctica , if not outright extraterrestial/supraterrestial in origin, and never had to adapt to these fluctuations.

If it were possible to travel to another galaxy or planet with a higher rate of spin and a stronger magnetic field, I don’t think ‘covid’ would be infectious to those populations due to a stronger downregulating influence on electrostatic interaction.

Conversely, they don’t have this problem on their theoretical planet.

And it would be potentially dangerous for them to visit ours during one of these cycles as they had never needed to adapt to it.

Traditional “vaccines” do affect electrostatic interactions (refer to prior posts about m2/m5) but not in a way that overcomes this.

the thought form’s connected to the tachyon, the tachyon’s connected to the.. [neuron]?

in scalar consciousness, an event might go something like this:

  1. I want to invite you to play “catch” with me. I havent asked you yet, but the game already “exists” as a thoughtform so there can be some “foreshadowing” that you and i will play catch.
  2. I ask you if youd like to play catch with me. Now the thoughtform / foreshadowing is enhanced by two (or more) individual consciousness being aware of this potential event. In this lapse there is an opportunity to splinter off time and prevent the game from even occurring. this could have been sold as a “crime” or “terrorism” deterrant but why cant it be used to execute a stock trade or steal an election or make a criminal completely untouchable? and who could ever stop whoever is in control of it?

we agree to the game.

i have the intention of tossing you the ball for a hair second before i command my body to toss you the ball. so the intention of tossing you the ball exists and thus here is a split second to fracture off and prevent me from acting on the thought.

or i proceed with it and toss you the ball. maybe you have instinctive foreshadowing that its coming (because we are playing catch, its your turn, and youre expecting the serve) and youre ready already. but failing that, you will observe me serving you the ball. but in a sense “its already happened” kinetically, ive already had the intention and kinetically put it into action whether you are anticipating it, whether you observe it, or whether your back is turned to me and the ball hits your head.

whether you see it coming, catch it, fail to catch it, doesnt matter. if you hear it fall on the ground, if you see its shadow flying over your head, if the ball hits you in the back of the head and you feel it, two consciousness register that it “happened” intent ,action, execution.

[the urgency of the thoughtform depends on whether it is held in more than one mind. if it only exists in my mind as an idea, its not as much of a problem. if it exists in multiple minds , it is happening or its going to happen]

nobody is a “psychic”

I’m not pretending to be psychic any more than you or anyone else are. The thing is that is if our life was devised in a way to keep us down, then that “plan” already exists as a thoughtform, it is something that has arisen as a potentiality.

there is no such thing as a “psychic” , it is either outright imagination, delusion, a harmless thought, or a thoughtform contained to a person or a few people with similar sentiments but if it has not been put into action then it is not real.

for those things which have been placed into action and are real, then all that remains is the latency for the threshold of relevation for when people can directly observe it, communicate about it, provide “evidence” of it, or …. get foreshadowing and “premonitions” of it. But you are not seeing the future. You see an event that has already been put into action. Maybe its something as simple as pattern recognition. “I have seen THIS before.” Maybe you have one or two of the keys someone else does not and “something clicks.” Maybe you hear a rumor or read someones datefagging or non-happenings, as some of us did with rumors about a disease outbreak in china in or around september 2019, and go “naaah” until it happens and you go back and re read it like “hey! wtf!”

If there were a way to catalogue “thoughtforms” and go “okay WHO is aware of this” and investigate them, and believe it, this is a “law enforcement” objective that im so sure nobody would ever abuse or oppress and terrorize everyone with – then cassandras and conspiracy theorists with an audience of thousands – like Alex Jones or David Icke or whomever – are their worst nightmare because a teardrop of that thoughtform exists in their consciousness and implicates them as much as the conspirators and/or parties responsible.

You can’t just run some kind of QUERY and go “OKAY WHO THE FUCK KNOWS ABOUT THIS.”

I don’t watch “streamers” and video hosts because “watching it on video” strengthens your association with the thoughtform in the same way that “watching 9/11 on cnn” made it “more real.” go find it on physical tape media and re watch it a few times.

Icke on ‘Eck

If multiple people are involved “conspiracy” then it is a reinforced thoughtform and if it has been placed into an action the planning is observed both by its participants/planners, thereby solidifying it in reality even if it is a secret. Eventually the consequences of tampering with other peoples free will or experience will be directly or indirectly observed or experienced by those who suffer from it and this is where your premonitions , “paranoia” “date fagging” “happenings” “visions” and “conspiracies” arise from. Because it is a rising wave , not from the “future” but in fact from the “past” because it is a thoughtform that has already existed as intent, and then been placed into action “reality” that is to say it has already happened and it is already directly or indirectly affecting you.

Or it will. That is why its a scalar phenomenon manifesting not through your “five senses” but through tachyons that are privy to that information which you are not but receive as “6th sense.”

manipulation of events in this domain can occur through deterrence, prevention, or in some cases preventing anyone from communicating that an event happened; denying that it happened; placing stigma coercion and threats around reporting that it happened etc.

That “twitter” has lost its place as a bellweather for “whats happening” or “what has happened” in the world is actually a good thing. They have proven that they’re willing to repress “whats happening” and “what has happened” for a dollar for any government or corporation who asks them to. Twitter served a purpose in uniting consciousness at a time when it was not united. This could also be said of the internet.

But it was too powerful, governments and corporations don’t like facts, Twitter itself is particularly fact-adverse and the pendulum has swung towards “disuniting” it again. It still wants to exist and be relevant and make “$250 billion dollars a year” by striving to do the exact opposite thing from what made it successful and popular until it ran its course in 2016. Whatever is left of it is a ghoul, an evil consciousness, walking dead in its rotting ghoulish body thanks to its deals with the devil.

One of the more insidious things about Twitter and Facebook and their ilk, is the power that its “favored” bullies have to tell you what you are and what you are not.

That youre a “nazi” a “racist” a “bigot” (as in someone who does not tolerate others who are different from them).

To say “k*ll white people” and “k*ll christians” with impunity while denying that such statements amount to racial hatred or religious/antireligious bigotry.

Or a “self hating homosexual” “uncle t*m” etc, not that you know or care what their convictions or beliefs are – but simply to attack them forcefully and angrily for not mirroring yours. I am not these things, but if you are allowed to portray me as such , I am held in your mind and others minds in that way. And this is in effect a holographic representation of a “false me” that is apparently “real to you” or anyone dumb enough to believe you.

This is Cooley’s Looking Glass Effect, which Facebook and Twitter are well aware of and employ psychologists to manipulate and coerce people and brute crack the so called “consensus” by removing any trace of dissent or a record of a lack of consensus.

Completely protected from any kind of consequences, censure, suspension, or removal.

But with severe lifelong punishment if you deny it, defend them, or cut them to ribbons in a counter argument.

Or severe lifelong censure, removal, life ruin, removal from employment society and maybe the platform itself if you were to, say, “misgender someone” or criticize a “jew”

Or god forbid, replace “white” with “black” or “jew” in the examples above. An angry Twitter mob might burn your house. It is an ugly ruled-by-mob mentality whose owners defend, protect, side with, and more than likely instigate said mob.

By preventing people from READING any dissent or a lack of consensus. “It doesnt exist” if they don’t know it exists.

“So they think.”

Except, it does exist, because it happened whether or not you are personally aware of. If a tree falls in a forest and nobody sees it, etc etc etc etc.

Criminals always think they’re going to “get away with it.”

In the sense that Twitter fucked itself out of billions and billions and billions of dollars of revenue, and more users than it is able to spam or beg or cry to ever sign up as “new” victims again, for a $3.4 million dollar bribe and they expected to “get away with it” with no one the wiser, silencing anyone who spoke of it.

Thats how criminals think. “Oh I’ll risk my $150,000 job and maybe a half million to a million dollars of income that I work for and earn honestly for the short term gain of a $900 laptop I didn’t have to work for, totally worth it.” “Some cashier’s life, maybe the rest of my life in prison, for eleven dollars?”

“Sinners” (I digress on what that means) are the same:

These aren’t people who believe that god or ETs or glowies or whoever – perchance an audience of all three – are watching or that the truth inevitably comes out in the wash.

Twitter overstepped its original success and its entire purpose in life by becoming the arbiter of “what is allowed to happen” “what is even in the realm of possibility” and “what people are allowed to say has happened.” For this they anticipate being rewarded with an increase from, say, 10 billion dollars a month to 250 billion dollars a month.

It’s the kind of “magical thinking” (cognitive dissonance) and scheming that only a drug addict or a criminal could have.

While I clearly am not feeling generous towards parties who have harmed me greatly, it is not a coincidence that the evolution of the lords prayer has been to forgive my sins as i forgive yours, then to forgive my trespasses as i forgive yours, then to forgive my “debts” as i forgive yours.

Because, “what even was a sin?”

“What even was property?”

“What even was a debt?”

Those deviations in that prayer are a yardstick for who was redeemed or made it to the other side of that obstacle in history.

Tongue in cheek; “father in heaven, forgive my misinformation as i forgive yours.”

What is the DoE, really?

Say you’re westinghouse/GE and you own(ed) NBC up until 2013.

And say your nuclear reactors are vulnerable to scalar waves.

Wouldn’t it be cheaper to absolutely terrorize everyone and keep them propagandize, divided, fearful, angry, promised everything and then fucked over and let down over and over again so as to keep them in a negative vibrational state or a controlled frame of perception – to keep them diseased and malnourished – to take iodine out of the food supply and add flouride and calcify their pineal glands – for no other reason than to suppress scalar waves – which threaten your nuclear industry anyway – than it would be to upgrade, decommission, or remediate your reactors?

And then if you’re broke and need to sell NBC but allow the overreach and propaganda to continue, why, you can just repeal or amend the Smith Mundt act and legalize it so the new owner doesn’t have to “break the law” like the seller(s) had been.

You wonder why SNL still does whatever the government says…

Take a guess why they persecute homosexuals and drug users and joyful boisterous noisy blacks or kick you down as a society with mercenaries and ‘refugees’ and terrorism if you’re vibe’ing too high. Gotta kick everyone in the teeth if they’re all getting along, “coexisting” peacefully, working in their own interest or towards a common goal, singing too loudly or having fierce orgasms.

While meditation, prayer, “higher things” and higher states of consciousness are probably closely related to scalar frequencies and maybe even as yet unknown frequencies beyond that, it’s fine if you don’t believe in that. Think of joy, laughter, “happiness” or an oxytocin fix from bonding with someone you love (or a mother and a child) because it’s all kind of in that same territory. It’s healing.

What’s so threatening about this that they call it a “nuclear” family (BOOM) and need to make sure mom’s “bored” and “unfulfilled” and tries to find herself in a career or the arms of the UPS man? That the kids are fucked up and the whole sordid affair is dysfunctional?

And that it’s celebrated by Roseanne and Peggy Bundy, bless them both, huge fan of both even if it is what it is.

Why is oxytocin the only “drug” the government successfully keeps away from everybody by any means or resources at its disposal?

Government = guber mente = mind control. What kind of “energy” is the DoE tasked with regulating anyway? We’re not doing this failed enlightenment, failed age of aquarius, failed armageddon, failed great aFakening garbage again it isn’t going to work this time. We’re all still waiting on that utopia you’ve been promising for our votes since the 1960s when you shot MLKjr.

scalar frequencies

If I’m going to be punished for “medical misinformation” then fuck it, if you’re walking on thin ice you may as well dance.

For those would like to take advantage of scalar frequencies, consider that iodine has all but disappeared from table salt – unless its loaded with fluoride – and it is difficult to obtain as a standalone product in the United states “because meth.

It makes crystals! pop, pop, pop, more on that in a second.

This leaves Americans with povidine (the main ingredient in betadine antiseptic) , which is converted to iodine via nucleotide substitution (as are other analogues I have mentioned in the past).

The best way to administer povidine (or iodine/yodo if you have it) is probably with an iodine skin patch test. You can’t overdo it. If you need it, your skin absorbs it rapidly.

If it stays for a few hours (10-12+) you don’t need any more.

This is a poorly understood area but I theorize it may help form naturally occuring SiO2 and/or siRNA in a better fashion than just consuming “dietary” SiO2/e551 (same thing). in my view, SiO2/e551 are impaired in the absence of the iodine precursor anyway.

Which is the same thing as silica gel. If it’s in a decissant packet it’s labeled “throw away do not eat.” Bit if it’s in pringles or ruffles jalapeno cheddar chips its labeled “don’t throw away! eat!” gff. How many so called “targeted individuals” eat that stuff anyway?

you might also be able to smoke meth and eat potato chips containing e551/silicon dioxide , but idk, that sounds bad for you. “I don’t want the covid shot! thats bad for your heart!” *click click click sizzle*

Recall that vivianite grows out of SiO2/phosphorous/iron in dead bodies, so SiO2 resonates with crystal energy and, i suspect, scalar/healing frequencies. You can do crystal work if you like. I prefer to regard quartz as the lower boundary of the upper dimension rather than as the highest boundary of ours. The crystal exists in multiple densities simultaneously.

And so do you.

siRNA as I mentioned could block foreign nucleotide access if it is intact and in good working order.

siRNA may work against certain mRNA treatments of the past that are falsely labeled as “viruses” to escape culpability for their creation and which can be identified by the fact that they synthesize themselves with say, pseudouridine rather than uridine. Notably siRNA will not block nucleotide access to messenger RNA that belongs in your body.

If you’ve had enough you stop absorbing it.

Some people try (or at least ask about) drinking it. Whatever the case, there were people drinking betadine for “covid” and as always, one would be well advised to ask “why are you doing that?” I view it as a caustic substance and I advise against that. Here you go:

What is the Iodine Patch Test?

The iodine patch test supposedly measures how quickly your body absorbs iodine. Again, this isn’t a proper substitute for a clinically-performed test that will actually measure your iodine levels accurately. Despite the popularity of the iodine patch test, no research supports its ability to measure iodine levels. That being said, here are the steps to perform it:

  1. Get a solution or tincture of iodine (the orange solution, not the clear one.
  2. Paint a 3-inch by 3-inch square on your abdomen, inner thigh or inner forearm. Allow it to dry before touching anything, as it will stain.
  3. Monitor the patch over the next 24 hours for color changes.

Proponents of the test believe that the thing to pay attention to is how long it takes for the iodine patch to disappear. If the patch still exists 24 hours later, the results are normal. If the patch disappears or mostly disappears in less than 24 hours, it is supposed to indicate some degree of deficiency. In fact, significant lightening or disappearance in less than 18 hours is said to indicate moderate to severe iodine deficiency and suggest a need for supplemental iodine.

Hate Has No Home in my Garage

Argon” is “Orgone.”

Biophotonics” work over scalar frequencies.

FISA surveillance probably covertly works over scalar frequencies.

The best way I can explain scalar frequencies to you is: If you suppose there is a god or a higher realm – and you believe its something that watches over you or that you can pray to.

How do you suppose it observes you?

How do you suppose you pray (or channel) to it?

You believe that’s real and that this works.

It’s not radiofrequency which has trouble finding you in inclement weather or hiding underground or in unfavorable conditions.

It has to be something faster than light.

Something that penetrates concrete and soil and rain and snow.

Something that follows you wherever you go.

Probably one of the sickest and/or most patently offensive things anyone could ever do to you is torment you or blackmail you with that or intrude on your sense of your presence or connection to a god of your understanding.

And we already know that’s what they did in the middle east, if not at home.

I bet you anything they have figured out defensive weapons.

Scalar frequencies are healing (tesla) frequencies.

Scalar frequencies heal your mind and body.

Scalar frequencies can give you free wireless energy.

Scalar frequencies aren’t compatible with “nukes” and reactors which might or might not tie into some peoples view that “ufos” somehow “interfere” or get involved with that and i’m not going to debate or defend that because I’m not invested in promoting that.

Scalar frequencies can “audit” you for traumas and resolve or remove them in dreams or through other processes you have, and it seems as though interfering with these is a “wartime objective.”

Not to mention, just piling even more on top of those.

The game of “seesaw” that splits people into one of two outcomes or “boxes” if you will, when both of them are tightly controlled trash , consists of pitting one group of people prone to black or white thinking against a group of people who don’t respond favorably to ultimatums.

I too, am prone to this in a defensive manner.

And so, if you tell me, “you are not my friend if you vote for this person” or “I will disown you if you ______,” I view that as offensive rather than defensive and react accordingly. It turns out I don’t even really care about your politics or beliefs. “muh coexist,” right, I guess I believed in that more than some of y’all ever did.

What I don’t like is your controlling and manipulative behavior.

You’re brainwashed into applying whatever screws you have over me – access to spaces, access to the so called public square, “those faded memories of brunch in trashworld” (quote) so that you can try to coerce me into supporting one of “trashworld’s” puppet leaders.

I was the addict who didn’t respond well to ultimatums and said “yeah that’s fine, I’ll sleep in my car” or “well, bye then.”

It doesn’t really matter what your controlling and abusive nature has just tried to coerce me into doing against my will. You’re resenting me for responding to an ultimatum in my typical manner and I’m resenting you for abandoning and/or controlling me.

To have witnessed this on the scale that I have – kind of starting with the chatroom and working my way up from there – over the years isn’t an excuse for my behavior, it just is what it is. Don’t deny it.

The other group tried using threats of violence, incarceration, surveilance, deprivation, homicide, litigation etc to “control my behavior” and that’s why I smell it on you and say “challenge accepted, fuck you and fuck your ultimatum.”

The stuff I did to retaliate, troll, or mock them was more or less “pilpulling,” ironically, for as much as I call them you-know-what.


You know what, if there is a group out there that ends our subjugation to tyranny violence and endless terrorism and only taxes us 10% instead of 60%, maybe they’re not your enemy.

I had fun on /pil/pol/ but it’s not fun anymore. Larping is pilpulling smdh, it took me this long to figure that out. I don’t want to see this dude’s name being spammed and promoted anymore. Just let Twitter/X die. It deserves to die and I deserve to forget my abusers.

I was right.

I am right.

I did nothing wrong.

I don’t give a shit how “based” this fucking dude “sounds,” this company allowed itself to be weaponized in this fashion:



“Well, bye then!”

Twitter did this for a few paltry millions of dollars in bribes from the united states federal government. A mistake that will kill 20% of their users – not counting the 20% or so they banned for life at the behest of the united states federal government – and it’ll cost them billions of revenue. Everyone knows what this company is.

We are not coming back.

That’s what abusers do, they promise you theyve changed, baby please come back, I’m telling you, the outlook for TSLA and X are terrible if they can’t even afford to buy a proper fucking ad.

Short short short.

Sell sell sell.

Die die die.


Silicon Dioxide is a “higher” density than our carbon based life.

It is present in bones and teeth and your skull.

Too much of it – its the same thing as the “food” additive e551 – can harm your lungs and organs.

It does interact with siRNA. I previously stated this and walked back because I could not find another source for this statement. siRNA can theoretically block nucleotide access for viruses and even faulty mRNA treatments, although this is a fluke or a miracle of human biology and immunology and not something that science or medicine can manipulate or funnel into a “treatment” presently.

siO2 is what phosphate and iron bond with to form vivianite crystals on a corpse.

Vivianite is of a lower metaphysical “density” crystal than quartz, yet , like silicon dioxide, it is of a “higher density” than your body.

Human consciousness falls somewhere in between the two.

“Time” from our perspective is not only a construct of the earths rotation on its axis but it is also a construct of the solar cycle within the milky way galaxy, the latter of which will fundamentally change during and after the merger of the milky way and andromeda, so as to render it non existent. There is no other time besides “now,” just understand that “time” will not be “time” as we understand it.

If civilizations or planets exist in other galaxies they may rotate at such a high speed that they look like a quasar to us. They would have a stronger magnetic field and they would have an insanely high rotational speed – compared to us – as well as a faster subjective experience of “time” , such that , if we had ever made contact and agreed on an “epoch time” in 1976 , the “time” that had elapsed here might now be presently the year “2023” , while being “2100” or “3800” or something like that over there by this yardstick.

What this would mean, is that if travel were possible to that planet right now, it would for all practical points and purposes be “travel to the future” even though it’s just a journey from right now through the end of the duration of your trip.

For the reverse journey to earth and the milky way galaxy it would constructively be “travel to the past”, as future and past are constructs that are growing apart.

Or coming together and converging, if you prefer. Seeing that the two galaxies are merging, therefore, their “time” is as well. Our time will, necessarily, start moving faster as we are drawn towards them.

Several stars from the milky way galaxy have already been relocated to andromeda as a result of this merger.

Let’s say that from our perspective Andromeda is “40 billion light years away.”

But in the intervening years between 1976 and 2023, their “2023” is now 2100 or 3800 or so.

If time is moving a little more than 1.75x to 2.0x from their perspective, Earth has already moved from “40 billion light years away” to , let’s call it “20 billion light years away” in their years.

They are “40 billion years” away from us and we are “20 billion years” away from them.

They exist “outside of time” for the time being.

Those stars I mentioned, were about “a million light years away” from Earth in our perspective of time, but they were only “500,000 light years away” from earth in andromedan “time.”

That halves the time and distance without any change whatsoever in time and distance.

And so it is that, whoever’s still alive at that time will just sort of end up 1000 or 2000 years “in the future” within their lifetime.

If we consider quartz a higher density material, metaphysically , then for them, quartz would be a lower density material.

Time moves slower underground, and faster in space.

Imagine how much faster it would have to go, really, really, really, really far out in space. Until such a time as it is captured within a galaxy and bound to its own “time.”

The distance between the two is a pinhole/wormhole. It must be so if light (radiation) travels from it , or rather, radiation travels from it and gets entangled with photons and appears as light here, and if it can be observed here.

They say “oh thats 40 billion years ago.”

It’s not.

It’s right now.

The path between the two is warped and has a third reference of “time” “speed” and “distance” (that is to say, none) than either galaxy. This third reference of time speed and distance is being devoured by the galactic merger.

WE can always SPEED UP.


In the future, nothing works:

  • Nukes don’t work in “5D.”
  • Spark plugs don’t work in “5D.”
  • Fossil fuels don’t combust in “5D.”
  • Combustion engines don’t work in “5D.”
  • Bullets/ammo doesn’t work in “5D.”
  • People ask me “why” and I hate to be that guy in the thread who doesn’t see the question before jannies nuke it. The answer is partly dependent on (see above) and you have to think outside of time. Fire, explosion, and combustion are dependent on processes of carbon based life.
  • An “epoch” has been established. On this side of the epoch you’re a transitory life form between carbon and silicon. You are an iron in the fire in the process of ‘becoming.’ You don’t exist in the ‘future’ and yet, here you are.

nobody asked me, but

If you’re going to do electric cars successfully, just make the battery packs universal, swappable, and then lease or rent them.

Cars *were* electric and they just swapped your battery out for a charged one at service stations. Off you went for about as much time as it took to fill your tank with gasoline or wait for a pump.

Granted they weren’t 1000 amps and moderately dangerous.

So, internally, you have a switch or control that de-energizes the cell and its installed in a way that facilitates removal by a user or by a service station. Theres’ probably a firefighting/first responder application in doing that as well, so as to eject and let the cell burn out instead of the entire damned car.

In this paradigm, you could shed some pack volume and weight and add some internal fire suppression mechanisms (both for the car and the sake of the charging/service station). The fire suppression pack and ventilation apparatus can be a fixed serviceable/replaceable installation in the vehicle itself rather than in the pack, the charger, merely *connecting* to receptacles in the battery pack much like a vent tube connects to a lead battery.

Think: Like an SRS airbag module, but field swappable.

Once de energized, someone swaps it out for one on a charging rack and you pay a service fee that contributes to road taxes, keeps legacy service stations in business, and covers the eventual cost of refurbishing/recycling the battery pack.

Service stations can be fitted with large solar arrays instead of trying to get one on every single home.

You don’t need 100 parking spaces with 100 people in line.

Service stations already have 1. employees 2. facilities and 3. reservoirs for diesel and gasoline to run standby generators off of. You’re not contaminating some new construction site with diesel tanks for the generators that you will have to deal with in 40 years.

Ideally it might be the kinds of places that have a service bay or two or three, where one could be retrofitted to rack/charge cells.

Then in the case where the station doesn’t have a cell – or have a charged cell – they can plug your car in and it just takes the usual amount of time it already does.

You could have inventory management to show you who has a charged available pack as youre approaching that area and make a 10 or 15 minute reservation for it.

Since its not optimal to run batteries down to 0% , your car could even offer a small incentive to swap it at 20-25% if youre not in a rush to be somewhere and passing by someone who has one. That reduces the amount of time the receiving station needs to charge it.

Maybe with low demand and high availability it can even try to get you to swap it at 100-150 miles. During rush hour or high demand, maybe it could try to find one further down the road.

Damage or wear to the pack should be covered by the swap/rental/lease fee. I think it should be competitive with gasoline prices (and certainly compatible with a $29,000 battery replacement.)

A trade off may be that you have to do this in 200 or 300 miles instead of having larger bulkier batteries that can go 400 or more but can’t be installed universally in a smaller vehicle.

Just the lost hours and hours and hours of travel time or productivity waiting for a charger and waiting to charge would be worth it.

And you can still plug it in at home or at a traditional / fixed charging station (hotel, truck stop etc), while having it nag you to do occasional swaps for maintenance and pack longevity.

Unless superseded by existing patent(s), concepts described herein are open sourced and in the public domain effective 12-November 2023. ipfs://QmTF3Z68iDoDCdc1aEnYFkFtSS3xgqL1LTGA158vxuXTyb ipfs://bafybeici3ld3shxanstlx5e7d2yierxq3r4qqpfwu6gnlbmompxgcj4uri

If you can implement something like this, maybe I’ll actually buy your shitty electric car.

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